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TOTeM46 – Waste to Energy: Status and perspectives of technologies

PISA, 21-22 NOVEMBRE 2019

University of Pisa

The adaptation of waste management to the Circular Economy paradigm is pushing toward higher and higher source separation levels, as well as promoting the development of new processes for the recovery of materials, including also thermal treatment. On one hand, higher source separation produces higher amounts of selection and recycling residues, which require proper treatment to ensure the sustainability of the whole system. On the other hand, the characteristics of some source separated waste streams do not allow the recovery of materials just through simple mechanical treatments. Therefore, thermal treatments are likely to continue playing a crucial role in closing the cycle and ensuring its effectiveness.

Under this new perspective, the aims of the TOTeM are to start analysing the current status and the main trends of the waste management world, to create collaboration opportunities among its stakeholders and IFRF members, as well as to set a framework to support IFRF members in evaluating the potential exploitation of their know how in this area of application.

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This new programme gives you the details of the speakers and their talks including:

  • Waste-to-Energy for the sustainable management of waste
  • Waste combustion on a grate
  • Assessment of Alternative Thermal Waste Treatment Technologies with focus on Chemical Recycling of plastic waste
  • Significance and challenges for flue gas treatment systems in waste incineration
  • The new BREF on Waste Incineration
  • The Flameless Pressurized Oxycombustion: innovation of fundamentals
  • The use of waste as fuel in the cement industry

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